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I join women reaching women because my husband Charlie Hinton served in the United States Army for twenty years with two tours in viet nam (1967-68, 1969-70). I have experience the best and the worst side of PTSD with him over these 41 years of marriage. WRW was the gateway that has provide for me to share my feeling and have fellowship and to renew my spiritual walk. second my son SFC Fredrick who has been to Iraq twice and now is schedule to go to AFghanistan later this year...King Solomon ask God for wisdom and knowledge, and I have done the same. I just hope to be a light to the wife's of a active or retired service memder and to let them know God does answer pray.I am a living witness  ~Alease Hinton



            I love KNOWING that there is an ACTIVE group that is supporting women-of-ALL-walks-of-life that I can become as active as I can and still get support from them if it is needed. Our community is so blessed to have this avenue for women.  The e-mail and web-site keeps us informed and up-to-date on all kinds of issues that women are involved with POSITIVILY, keep up the great work.  I would surely miss and have a hole in my daily life without you.     SHERI   BOOHER   : )


Just think when the troops open their unit care packages and to their surprise Christmas is right in front of them. What you and others are doing cannot be measured by the hours, only by the tears and smiles. God bless you for all you do and to know those 11 Care Packages will be much like the Wise Men carrying treasures to our service members down range. May you be blessed and may all you do be looked on with grace. You and Women Reaching Women are doing so much, it is so much appreciated. Thank You. It would have been great to get a photo of them, but the thought counts. Again thank you and Women Reaching Women.  Nathan Thomas, President, Welcome Home Vets


Dear Donna,

I have really enjoyed working with you through  both Welcome Home Vets, Inc. and Women Reaching Women. What great organizations for our vets, their families, and interested/involved community members!

Please know that my heart is here for the vets, your efforts and WRW, too. I will encourage the military members to continue the work with the blankets and kids in the halfway house.

Thank you Donna, for your uplifting, positive spirit, and prayers for all those who need the strength to serve. WE ALL have talents to share and I certainly feel that your skills and connections will help heal those in pain. I will keep WRW in public view in order to show those in Washington DC that grassroots efforts make a WORLD of difference, and they can, too! I leave for Washington DC Monday to find an apt and to begin work on 7 Jan 2010 for a VA and DoD suicide prevention conference.

Sincerely, and with many hugs,

Lt. Col. Judith Mathewson


I know those stockings are going to be very much appreciated; there are
no words to explain how much.  Please let WRW know how much we
appreciate everything that you do.  Judith has to be an angel on this
earth; she is just so ... wonderful!  We do need to pray for all those
that are going through economic situations.  All we can do when we met
up with them is to spread the cheer with our smiles and pray also be
there when they need us.

Sherri L.Ellison
Airman & Family Readiness Technician


Donna:  I am touched each time I come to a WRW2U meeting.  The Lord is truly blessing this ministry.  I particularly enjoy the fellowship with all the ladies from the different churches in our area -- we are all ONE in Christ!!  God bless you, Donna, for all the time and effort you put into this ministry -- it sure is bearing fruit!!    The reaching out to the men and women of our military is so uplifting to us and especially to each one of them.  This gives us a way to say "thank you" to them.              Love,   Wendy


Hi Donna,

I am happy to be a part of doing something for our soldiers and to acknowledge that they are over there in strange countries helping to keep us free over here.  I  like being a part of sending them packages too!

It is a good place just to fellowship and meet new people.  So GOD bless WRW and all you are doing.

Love ya, Helen



You are such a wonderful and caring person.  I congratulate you on all the good you do and cheer you spread.  You are an inspiration to all of us, men and women.

Do count on a $$ donation from us for the Children of Patrick Air Force Base.  The check will be on it's way soon.

Warm wishes always,  Barbara


Dear Donna, 

Women Reaching Women is a very powerful place to be.   It is so wonderful what all of you ladies are doing to make it such an anointing time for all of us to come together to worship our God and care for our military.    The meetings have been a great Blessing to all of us...  Thank you so much for all you do...    I Love You and Thank God for having you in my life.

It just blesses me to know how God orchestrated this ministry and to hear all the things that God is doing throughout the community.  It is such a blessing to come worship together as sisters in Christ and know that we all come from different walks of life, but yet are one in unity with Christ.  May God bless each of you who have been committed to lead and follow God's calling.

Carol Iseman


WRW has been such a huge blessing to my life! Donna and her team are anointed by God and bring a word straight to my heart. They have been an encouragement through some difficult times and I am so thankful for them for all they do for us and our military.

Love you!!!



Women Reaching Women was birthed by God through His messenger Donna Long.

Donna has long been a speaker, teacher, counselor and friend to many women. I moved here 5 years ago and met her. I was alone, afraid, away from my home and all my church friends and family. My husband and I started church where she was and nobody made me feel more at home than she did.

Now that WRW is in full swing and continuing to reach more and more women and families and hurting people, I find myself not surprised at all, just amazed by God and how He can place something in anyone to use their gifts and then with hard work, courage and His Holy Spirit guiding us we can watch it grow, blossom and bloom!! 

It is truly wonderful to have a place where women can go and just be themselves, and be encouraged and prayed for and leave with a heart less heavy

Thank you Donna for the beautiful gift of yourself you share with others and how beautifully you make it all happen....To God be the Glory!!!

Love in Christ, Peggy Poland




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